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There are five main emphases that I plan to teach to all the players who train with me: Thought Processing (at pace); Dynamic Movement; Technique; Heading (inside/outside the box); and Pure Shooting. I will personally train each player in these five main emphases. During our trainings I will make sure to correct the small things that can make a good player, great.

In today’s soccer the minutia is what can change things for you and your team. Having better knowledge of soccer will help each player to reach their full potential. The training will incorporate an abundunce of shooting inside the box, crossing, heading, and information to help each individual understand his or her roles in each position. A quick example of this would be situational trainings that allow you as a player to know what pass should be made, because the circumstances that you are in. Vice versa, the forward will then know what run to make because the pass will be coming to that spot. Training these senarios in a dynamic, repetitive setting will help each player to know their roles and become better at them.

Along the way I will be there to give anecdotal information I’ve learned, that should help the player to progress in becoming a more complete soccer player.

I. Thought Processing (Everything at Pace)

A. Outside the Box

1. Using your defender to your advantage
2. Power and Shape of the ball

B. Eight Yards to the Top of the Box

1. Foot Work and Angle into the ball
2. Control or Power

C. Eight Yards and In

1. Footwork and Runs
2. Control and getting anything on the ball (using the pace of the ball)


II. Dynamic Movement and Supporting Play

A. Putting yourself in the best spots to help your teammates (While also Playing with Intensity)

1. Positioning of yourself
2. Knowing your role (midfield, Forward)

B. Runs Off the Ball

1. Pace and Power
2. Intent to free teammate
3. Intent to free yourself

C. Runs With the Ball

1. When to release or hold the ball
2. Positive Passing vs. Negative Passing (penetrating or possession orientated)


III. Technique

A. Footwork and Body positioning
B. Shape of the shot/pass. Understanding which shot/pass is best
C. Repetition


IV. Heading (Goal box/Open field)

A. Runs and Footwork
B. Gaging Your Marker (Understanding how he/she likes to win headers)
C. Turning your shoulders


V. Pure Shooting

A. Power vs. Placement
B. Concentration on the ball in tight spots and keeping the shot on frame

1. Use the position your in to get the best results.

- Near or Far post
- Wet field
- Goalie positioning

2. Go through the same preparation regardless if you are in free space or tight space.

C. Repetition

1. Repeating as many shots that may occur in a game, so the player doesn’t have to think or question him or herself. They just react to the situation with full concentration and belief. That is the ultimate goal.